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30.12. New Update on, and

30.12. New Update on, and

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05.12. New Update on, and

02.012 New Update on 

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14.11. New Update on and

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31.10. New Update on, and 

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26.10. New Update on and  

22.10. New update on  

18.10. New update on, and

13.10. New Update on,,, and

13.10. New Update on, and  

02.10. New Update on and  

02.10. New Update on, and  

27.09. New Update son

27.09. New Update on  

At the Moment we have run a converting script on our Server. For let showing the previews again oustide for you.

About this can load the sites at the Moment a littlebit slow. This will finish next week. 

21.09. New Update on, and  

21.09. New Update on

16.09. New Update on,,, and

14.09. New Update on

10.09.New Update on and  

10.09. New Update on,, and 

06.09. New Update on,, and 

06.09. New Update on femdom-terror, and

01.09. New Update on

30.08. New Update on 

24.08. New Update on, and 

24.08. New Update on

18.08. New Update on 

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26.07. New Update on, and  

20.07. New Update on, and  

17.07. New Update on and

12.07. New Update on

10.07. New Update on, and

At the Moment we change the formats of the videos in memberarea from wmv to mp4. This process will take some time. We will inform you here about the end of this. For you means this: better quality from movies, more space for more videos on our servers and but not least faster download for you.  

05.07. New Update on 

29.06. New Update on and 

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22.06. New Updates on and

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19.06. New Update on  

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31.05. New Update on, and 

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25.05. New Update on,, and 

21.05  New Update on and

18.05.New Website in our network. watch and download 20 000+ DVD Videos there

13.04 New Update on,, and

11.05. New Update on, and 

07.05.New Update on

03.05. New Update on, and  

30.04.New Update on

28.04.New Girl!

28.04.New Update on foot-domination, and

22.04.New Update on

18.04 New Update on

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12.04 New Update on

08.04. New Update on and

04.04. New Update on

31.03. New Update on

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08.02. New Update on spitting and

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06.12. New Update on, femdom-sex,at and

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17.11. New Update

17.11  New Girls

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06.11. New Update on

26.10  New Updates on, and

22.10. New Update on

22.10. New Updates on and

20.10. New Website in our Network 

Combi member can use this site from now on 

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31.05 New Updates on, and

21.05. New Updates on and

21.05.  New Update on

13.05. An all videos show outside now the length of the video 

13.05. We have ad the old prices again. The action is finish!

07.05. New Update on

29.04. New Update on and

21.04. New Update on and

13.04. New Update on  

10.04. We have ad the new function of prieview. Now it gives at all Videos outside a short prieview. 

09.04.  New Update on

07.04.  New Update on and

06.04. New  Girl and new Update on

23.03.18 New Update on,, and  

18.03.18 New Update on,, and 

11.03.18 New Update on

08.03.18 New Updates on, and

03.03.18 New Updates on

23.2.18 New Updates on, and

coming soon next days video watch button in fp4 format and prieview from all videos outside

17.2.18 New Updates on and

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06.1.18 New Updates on and 

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01.1.18 New Update on and

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25.12. New Updates in

23.12. New Updates on many sites

23.12. New Girls was added

17.12. The site  is again activ

17.12. Our new site www.cuckold-cam is on start

16.12. New Updates on and

10.12. New Updates on, and

9.12. Paymentoption Paypal works again

24.11. We added Webmaster Option again 

31.10.17 New Updates on, and

30.10.17  New Updates on and

New Categorie Clothes on most of the sites was added 

28.10.17 The social media links was adedd 

New Pages Jobs; Webmaster and Make Money was added 

27.10.17 Updates on,,,, and

Updates on Femdom-Austria

New links added. Link "guide" is now on top

Next time you can also buy on all our sites clothes. The clothes of the ladies from the Vvdeos. Shoes, Stockings, Slips, etc. all..on each site will come a extra box for the clothes.

20.10.2017 NEW UPDATES! At many categories NEW UPDATES on many sites!